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 Northern DOW Game #9 - Kwityerbitchen hill, SAt July 10th

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PostSubject: Northern DOW Game #9 - Kwityerbitchen hill, SAt July 10th   Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:17 pm

Hi guys,

Can you let me know who played?
How many games were played?

And if possible, who was on the winning team for each game. (Tho, this isnt as important)

if anyone got a Bayonet kill or anythng else that was a highlight, i would also be interested.


(Looks like I have broken my consecutive game streek so I should be giving you all a chance to catch up to me in points a bit....lol)

ANyway, ill post the points as soon as I get the rundown on attendance.

Hope it was fun guys, sorry I couldnt be there this time.
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Northern DOW Game #9 - Kwityerbitchen hill, SAt July 10th
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