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 Hand Signals

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PostSubject: Hand Signals   Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:50 pm

Here are the Hand signals I would like to start using:

There are many more, but we should get used to using the basics in play when communicating with players that are close by.
And use radios for longer range communications (out of sight).

I would really love to run some drills on these so everyone gets the idea of how they can be used togethor.

there are others I dont have pics for aswell.
for Example: Make a fist but keep the Pinky and thumb extended in a Y shape. Hold your hand to your head like a telephone, pinky is the mouth piece, thumb is the ear piece. This is the universal signal for Radio (ASL for Telephone actually), or get on your radio, or call me on the radio.

if you then take your hand still in the Y telephone shape and waggle it back and forth at the guy, it signifies you are having radio difficulty and can't communicate that way.

Ill try and show you if you can't figure them out, or maybe get Bucky to take some pics of me doing them so I can post them for your amusement if not education. lol
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Hand Signals
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