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 Scenario: The Major , The Medic & The Mole

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PostSubject: Scenario: The Major , The Medic & The Mole   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:09 pm

The Major, The Medic & The Mole Scenario:

Each teams objective is to get their messenger safely to their extraction point.

Each team gets a pack of cards = the number of players on that team.
Each player on the team draws a card & Keeps the cards identity secret.

Each teams deck will have:
1 Medic card (Queen)
1 Major card (King)
1 Mole card (Jack)
The rest are Players cards. (Numbered cards)

Players try to get the Major to the extraction point.
Medics may heal players by tagging them but must return to thier starting base to regen themselves.
Majors must not die or you lose the game
Moles win by killing the Major by Bayonet kill!

Bayonet kill rules: A Bayonet kill is when a player touches you physically with the tip of his barrel in play. This is considered an automatic mercy kill. If so tagged you are automatically out!
If you are killed by bayonet you DO NOT get any regens! You are out for the game! You must also remove yourself from the game quietly so as not to give away your attacker! A bayonet kill is considered a Stealth kill so the killers position shouldn't be givin away. Better yet, wait with your hands up while your killer moves on before leaving the field.

30 minute time limit
Unlimited regens by Medic (Not for the Major or the Medic tho)

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Scenario: The Major , The Medic & The Mole
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