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 July 31 313 game

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PostSubject: July 31 313 game   Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:59 pm

We had some good numbers today 9 players and Foxy filmed and took pictures all day.
Some great games today the day went to Bad company overall nice work guys.

Was great to finally play some games again i was jonsing like mad. Had a blast yapping with Straighteye afterwards.

Best game in my book was the sniper round with us attacking wicked dog company team work on that one.

Glad we started early as it got friggin super hot today.

Here are the pics ...cant wait to see the videos from LT...hint hint lol hurry hard Smile

There Are a few more you can check em out online on the dow photobucket account..

Great day again guys i had a blast ..hoping lorne gets the videos sorted...

BANDIT: "No doubt, that heat was getting pretty brutal. Im liking the 10 am start. I would entertain doing that till mid or late september.

But..... since we did get the early start, I really enjoyed the games today. I think today was the shortest gameplay yet, but we did pretty good for limited paint. Nice job on the scenarios Blackdog.

Nice shot brad, if you didnt hit me in the chest, I would have been a no death day. I should have been a bit more to the left, because I WAS THE MEDIC. Ha ha, I was medic twice.

Kudos go out to Ace too, nice to see you getting more comfortable on the feild, you just get right in there and go for it, thats pretty awesome man.

Nice to play with Bucky again too, missed that well organised radio chatter.

And LT, thanks for the wicked adrenalin rush in the end there, that was one of my highlights of the day.

Allm in all, today was short but sweet. Ill take it. Cheers guys."

ACE: "Thanks Bandit was a great day I sure owe you for some of those great regents man goods stuff. I'm having a blast out there still learning though cant wait to get my gear and gun. By the way great pic looks awesome."

BLACKDOG: "Wicked day guys! Glad you could all come out.
Was a bit of a short day but i dont think anyone minded with the heat.
Sucked having to go to work but it ended up getting busy late so atleast i made some money. Thanks all youse who came in for dinner, think i had half the team in there tonight!!...lol

I will re-work some of those scenarios and we can try them again and play the ones we missed, another day."
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July 31 313 game
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