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 Club Safety Rules

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Masks - You must Wear approved goggles at all times in the play areas. Masks may only be removed in designated (SAFE) M.A.S.H. areas. Removal of goggles in play will result in ejection from the game.

Suggestion: If your Mask gets foggy or dirty you can use a safe 'in play' cleaning method. We suggest to slide your hand under your mask from the bottom & wipe the lense clean without removing your mask. Carry some paper towel in your pockets to wipe your mask.

Out of Bounds - All players must stay within the marked field perimeters. We use a 10 foot leeway. If your are more than 10 feet beyond the blue marked perimeter you will be considered out of bounds.

Marker Safety - Gearing up must done in the designated field MASH area. All markers in this area must have barrel blocking devices attached. Test firing guns is only to be done at the shooting range or in designated areas.

Equipment & rate of fire - Only approved .68 cal paintball markers may be used. Ball Velocity will be kept under 280 Feet per second and all guns will be radar tested before a player may enter that gun into a game.

What counts as a 'HIT' - Kill zones are torso and head only. Shots in the arms, legs & guns do not count as hits. A marked HIT is a paint mark the size of a quarter in the kill zones. If you think you are hit check yourself. If you call hit and realize after you are not hit you are counted as being hit. Bounces and ricochet balls do not count as a hit there must be visible paint splatter (Size of a Quarter) in the kill zone.

What to do if 'HIT'- If you are hit call out "HIT!" and your Team & Name, raise your gun above your head and proceed to the closest M.A.S.H. area or 'regen' spot if available. example: "HIT! Axis team player Blackdog is Hit!"

DEAD MEN DO NOT TALK - any player who is seen aiding his team mates after they are HIT will be disqualified from the game.

Mercy Rules - Use your discretion and safety common sense here. Mercy cannot be forced on an opposing player unless you barrel tag them. If you are in a situation where you have a clear shot on someone within 10 feet in front of you and the opposing player does not see you. You can offer a Mercy. To do this call to your target and ask him if he surrenders? If he doesnt answer 'YES, I surrender' SHOOT him!
The other easy way to Mercy a player is to poke him in the back with your barrel! A barrel tag is like a bayonet thrust, you are immediatly considered dead. In this case you just get up and walk out without saying anything as it is a stealth kill! This way you dont give away the position of the person who killed you so stealthily.

- game etiquette will be heavily encouraged
- cheaters & bullies will be banned
- unsafe paint or equipment will be banned
- All players must be over 16 years of age


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Club Safety Rules
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