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 Who are the DOGS OF WAR?

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Who are the DOGS OF WAR? Empty
PostSubject: Who are the DOGS OF WAR?   Who are the DOGS OF WAR? EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 3:48 pm

We would like to meet as many paintball players in the Burns Lake area, as possible. Please feel welcome to join the site so we can get to know each other and organize some games locally. Feel free to post invites to your own games on here as well as post if you are interested in joining us for one of our games. We would like to make this website/forum available to all local players to come and check in on what's happening locally for paintball games and paintball chat. All our upcoming events will be posted on here, so you can check in to see when the game is scheduled for. We have plenty of knowlegable players here as well, so feel free to ask us about equipment issues or suggestions or any other way we can help.

The Dogs of War is a Paintball team! We specialize in military simulation woodsball (Outdoor paintball). We formed in 2008 with the merger of 2 paintball squads from the WARPIGS Outlaw Paintball club. (Ballbusters & Spinal Tappers). We are primarily an outlaw team that plays in the woods on crown land. We do not play commercial fields regularly but do enter specific events we are interested in as a team. We tend to plan and play game scenarios with complex storylines and historic information as we feel this type of play is more interesting and enjoyable than standard capture the flag or attack & defend games.

We have spent the last year as a private group while we organized and decided on the direction of the team. 2010 see's us dividing into 2 divisions, North & South, based out of Burns Lake B.C. in the north and the Vancouver lower mainland area in the south.
We feel this year is the time to open our site to the public and invite all our old friends and all new friends to come by and say hi!

We are accepting new members aswell as recruiting for team positions.

if you would like to join our website please contact either Buckshot or myself (Blackdog)

Blackdog email:
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Who are the DOGS OF WAR?
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