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 Player Roles - What kind of player are you?

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Player Roles - What kind of player are you? Empty
PostSubject: Player Roles - What kind of player are you?   Player Roles - What kind of player are you? EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:07 pm

There are basically 3 main types players in the squad based on armament and ability.

The Light Rifleman - Fast moving & lightly equiped.
Player Roles - What kind of player are you? DowRangerDesc

The Medium Rifleman - Main front line player, well equiped.
Player Roles - What kind of player are you? DowRazorDesc

The Heavy Gunner - Support player, Heavily equiped.
Player Roles - What kind of player are you? DowWedgeDesc

Most players fall into one of these categories based on how quick they are on the field and how heavily equiped they are. for example, a Runner like Bandit with 800 rounds of paint on his harnes isnt going to go very fast. Players should examine their abilities and equipment to see where they think they fall or would like to fall and this should give them some indication of what types and amounts of gear might be useful to make yourself into a better Light, Medium or Heavy rifleman for your squad and the team.

ie..I would say that Bandit and Hero are more on the Light rifleman and Bucky & myself are more on the medium to heavy gunner end of things. based on both our agility on field and our gear.

Most squads should aim to have:
2 heavy gunners - for suppressive fire and to force advances, pepper bunkers, etc..
Atleast 2 light rifleman - For charges, going on point, recon, flanking, capturing objectives.
the remainder should be Medium riflemen to fill out the field. These form your main line of attack.

This should not be confused with other player duties such as being the squad leader, medic, Sniper or spotter. These are duties a player would take on during a specific scenario as opposed to an overall role you fill on your squad all the time.

There are also specialized roles that can evolve from this:
For example:

Floater - This is usually an agile medium rifleman who acts alone and assists where needed. - this takes an exceptional player who is able to keep the whole battle in perspective and not get embroiled too heavily in one position. Usually a sharp player with a fast gun that provide key assistance at important moments. They must be able to provide sustained and accurate suppresive fire and advanced spotting abilities.

Anvil - This support role is for the players who like to carry an arsenal on the field but yet are effective with it. They are the mobil machine gun nest and can pound the Opfor mercilessly. The Anvil is your tank and helps drive your assaults forward. This player generally has a very fast gun, large hopper and lots of paint. They would play cautiously on their own part and not be on point. generally playing a central back position or gaurding a key position on the field such as a tower.
The hammer is also well suited to take on the medic's role
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Player Roles - What kind of player are you?
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