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 Scenario: Trophy Hunter

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Trophy Hunter

Players travel around to collect trophies from one another.

Players act individually to gather trophies on the field. No teams.
Setting Up:
1. Each player wears three armbands on one arm (these are referred to as trophies).
2. Players are interspersed around the clock/compass points of the playing field. AT Marked spots. This is the players starting position & individual Regen position

Time Limit:
30 Minutes.

1. Players who are hit must drop 1 armband where they are hit and then call out hit and proceed back to their starting position.(Avoid moving thru play and try to skirt the field to get back to your spot)
2. Another player (not necessarily the one who hit him) collects the trophy.
3. The Hit player re-enters play at his starting/regen position, now with only 2 armbands (or lives) left.
4. Players can be hit while collecting trophies and another player may collect trophies from both players, but only if the player had not yet pocketed the trophy! Otherwise, it is a completed kill and the trophy stays with the player who pocketed it!
5. When all a player's trophies are gone he is out of the game.
6. Trophies must be displayed on the arms.
7. All players must begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and cannot leave that area until the game begins.
8. Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of other players.

The player with the most trophies wins.

-When a player is hit and drops an armband it should be dropped in a visible spot, on a branch or tree, only on the ground if there is no other option

-Armbands can be strips of coloured cloth (1 colour per player or write player names on them)
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Scenario: Trophy Hunter
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