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 Scenario: The EVAC

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Scenario:      The EVAC Empty
PostSubject: Scenario: The EVAC   Scenario:      The EVAC EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:10 pm

OK, This scenario is a basic VIP Mission:

Team A starts by drawing card. They get 1 VIP, 1 Medic and the rest are gunners.
Team B are all Gunners.

Team A sends it's VIP out to hide on the field before tTEAM A's starting position and extraction point are announced. The VIP will not know where his teammates will start or where the extraction point is. He will know where the enemy starts tho.

Team B starts at a standard barracks and gets 1 regen at this position
Team A gets regen by Medic Stimpad (Medic gets 1 stimpad per player on the team and may heal himself with them aswell as others)

Team A must find the VIp and escort him to the extraction point to win
Team B must kill the VIP before he gets to the extraction point.

30 minute time limit.
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Scenario: The EVAC
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