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 Scenario: Triple Objectives

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Scenario:      Triple Objectives Empty
PostSubject: Scenario: Triple Objectives   Scenario:      Triple Objectives EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:11 pm

In this Scenario there are 3 objectives but only one is the primary objective that will win the game.

Set up 3 objectives for Team A to complete:


Objective #1: Satellite Dish at Crowsnest - Raise a flag to own, or place a charge to destroy
Objective #2: The Warhead at Fort Moose - Raise a flag to own, Remove a Disk to Complete
Objective #3: Anti Aircraft guns at Deadbird tower - Raise a flag to own or place a charge to destroy

Team A gets no medics, all gunners
Team A gets 1 regen each at capturable regens.
Team A draws 1 of 3 cards secretely to indicate to them which objective is primary!
Team A can raise the flags on secondary objectives and this then becomes a regen point.
Only they will know which objective they must Destroy or complete to win.
Once Team A has completed the primary objective they must get a man to the central horn and sound it to end the game. Horn is placed away from the objectives.

Team B defends all 3 objectives
Team B gets 1 regen each at their starting base
No Medics, just gunners
Team B may not sound the horn

40 minute time limit
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Scenario: Triple Objectives
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