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 Scenario: The Battle

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Scenario:      The Battle Empty
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The Battle

This is a Team Elimination style scenario

Each team draws cards for player positions
Each team gets:
1 - Medic - Queen
1 - Scout - Jack
the rest are gunners

Medics have 10 stimpads (Each stimpad brings 1 player back to life once and may be passed or thrown by the medic only, no passing them on or storing them up for later, if you dont need it dont take it)

Medics can heal themselves with these stimpads just as players can but must remove 1 stimpad from their pack to signify it has been used. Stimpads should be given back after games and recorded to see how many people the medic healed and who got killed how many times!

Scouts job is to Spot the enemy positions. He must position himself so he can spot and call out the enemy positions loudly to his teammates. Teammates should note correct calls for their spotter during the battle and report them at the game end. thus earning the spotter his bronze if he get 3 correct.

It will be up to the Scouts to divise their method of identifying enemy positions to their team mates. You might want to use a grid system or Key landmarks or hours on the clock and distance. But yell out your spottings Loudly, if your teammates cant hear you then they cant report your success.

Players, if you hear the spotter calling out an opfor position, see if you can spot the Opfor, then remember to report the success at the games end!

45 minute time limit or Elimination - Team with most players left wins. Unused stimpads are worthless, unless you have equal numbers of players left on both teams, then the team with the most unused stimpads wins in this kind of unlikely tie.
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Scenario: The Battle
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