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 Scenario: Sniper Infiltration

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Scenario:      Sniper Infiltration Empty
PostSubject: Scenario: Sniper Infiltration   Scenario:      Sniper Infiltration EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:12 pm

Sniper Infiltration

Team A - Attackers - draws cards for player positions:
2 X ACEs - Snipers
2 X Jacks - Spotters
1 X King - Leader
1 X Queen - Medic (The leader & the medic can be the same player if only 5 players
Rest of player - numbered cards - Gunners

Team B - Defenders - draws cards for player positions:
1 X Queen - Medic
1 X Jack - Spotter
3 X other face cards - Static Defenders
rest of players - numbered cards - Gunners (Not static)

place 5 inflated balloons with numbers marked on them around the defenders end of the field spaced evenly at as large a distance apart as is practical.

Defenders place their 3 static defenders each within 30 feet of a target, Static defenders may not move more than 3 feet in any direction. The rest of the defenders may move or go where they like.
Medic heals by Stimpad, Defenders get 1 stimpad per player on team in the medics pouch.
Spotter must try and call out the enemy positions for the static defenders. who must in turn remember to report correct spotting at the game end. Defenders must protect the ballons, if the Enemy bursts more than half the balloons with paintballs they win.

Attackers. The Leader sends out his 2 teams of Spotter/Snipers to destroy the targets, he designates which 3 target numbers are to be attacked by which team. (5 targets and 2 teams so there will be 1 target both teams are after!) Snipers only get credit if they burst the balloons they are assigned, all 3 must be burst by the assigned sniper for him to get his award. Spotters job is to spot the correct 3 targets for his assigned sniper and any OPfor guardians positions. If he spots all 3 Static Defenders properly as reported by his sniper (I will be looking for the Sniper to report the static defenders exact positions for credit) then he gets his Scouting award.

The Medic may float around and heal players with Stimpads, 1 per player on team in the medics pouch.
The Leader & other gunners will try and attack enemy positions to confuse and distract the defenders from the Snipers. Leaders get awards if either of their sniper teams gets all 3 assigned objectives.

45 minute time limit or no time limit with elimination after Stimpads are exhausted.
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Scenario: Sniper Infiltration
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