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 Scenario - Assimilation Game

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PostSubject: Scenario - Assimilation Game   Scenario - Assimilation Game EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:13 pm

OK, we have played this one once allready.

Thought I would list it here so we can refer back to it.
This is a very good game to start a day with as you can decide teams with it.

all players start in the center of the field.
players all draw 1 card from a preset deck. the deck should contain Ace thru Queen
each card indicates a direction based on the clock & compass.
Ace = 1:00, 2 = 2:00 oclock....10 = 10 Oclock, Jack = 11 oclock and Queen = 12 oclock.
12 oclock is north, 6 oclock is south etc...

Each players returns there card and on the start they all head off in their assigned direction based on the card they drew.
They keep going until either they meet the field outer boundary or the 2 minute time limit whistle is blown. this whistle signifies the actual game start.

players will then start to hunt each other. If you are hit by another player you join their team.
Teams gradually build up until 1 team has atleast half the players. once this is achieved then the game is called and the team to reach half first wins.

the winning team stays togethor for the rest of the games and all the other players who arent on the winning team form the second team.
The player who was with the winning team the most becomes their leader.
The player who was with the losing teams largest group the longest becomes the other teams leader.

This can get crazy as I might assimilate 3 or 4 other players but then get shot out by an opponent and have to leave the team I have been forming to join the opponents team. If this sort of thing happens, the player who I shot out first on the original team becomes their prospective leader if they win.

You can end up with random teams this way.
No time limit
regens are unlimited by joining the team you got shot with.
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Scenario - Assimilation Game
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