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 Standard player positions in Scenarios

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Standard player positions in Scenarios Empty
PostSubject: Standard player positions in Scenarios   Standard player positions in Scenarios EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:14 pm

Standard player positions: Draw of the cards

AS we are starting to use specific player roles in our scenarios, I thought I would list the more common ones and what they are about.

Usually, when assigning player roles we use cards and have each team draw a preselected set of cards to see who gets which card and thus which role to play for that game. This can be done every game or just at the begining of the day as needed.


King - Leader or VIP - This player is the Leader of the squad for the game, his instructions MUST be followed. Often the leader must be protected as he may not get any regens. As the VIP he will need to be guarded, escorted etc..
- Scenario Ideas designed to test the Leaders abilities should focus on tactics and only be achieved if the team wins using his Strategy.

Queen - Medic - The Medic is the one player on the team that can bring other players back to life.
We plan to start issueing Medics with Medic pouches containing a number of Stimpad packets that they can give out to hit players. These signify another life and once you have been given one you are considered alive again. The Medic may pass or throw them to you but you may not pass or thrown them on! Only the medic may do this. The Medic may retrieve a thrown stimpad aslong as it has not been used by a player. Players who use a stimpad for a regen must keep the stimpad and turn it in at the end of the game to record the number of 'resurections' a medic was able to perform. 5 in 1 game gets a Bronze medic award. A medic may heal himself with a stimpad but must remove this stimpad from the pouch to signify it has been used.

Jack - Scout/Spotter - The Scouts job is to identify the enemy positions and report them accurately to the team. Usually the spotter will find high ground or a place with good visibility and relative safety and then yell out the enemy positions to his team mates. This can also be done using hand signals and radio communications. The opbjective is the correct reporting of Opfor positions to your team. The team should make a habit opf noting what the spotter calls out and trying to verify the validity. If you can verify it report it at the end of the game so we can give successful spotter the appropriate scouting awards. IN reporting I will be looking for a report telling exactly which player at exactly which position was spotted correctly, Ican thenverify this with the spotted player, if he was indeed where noted, then credit for the spotting. 3 correct spottings in 1 game for a Bronze award.

Ace - Sniper - The Snipers job is obviously to shoot specified targets. He should have a highly accurate marker and be able to move in stealth to take out targets with low numbers of rounds used. We dont find the limited ammo to be very convenient in most scenarios but will try and impliment a 10 shot rule for snipers. If you take 10 shots at a specific target and cant make the kill you arent getting credit for it! (This equates to the 30 rounds for 3 targets as suggested in the challenge badge) target will often be Inflated balloons as they can be marked with markers with numbers etc... and make an obvious pop when burst. A target is not considered destroyed unless it is burst!

Numbered cards - Gunners - These are the rest of the players. Standard players with no specific Role assigned to fill out the field.

Often we will assign a suit per team, so if you are Hearts you are one team, spades the other for example. Then the card within the suit signifies your position on your team.

Using this standard method it should make it easier to devise scenario ideas around them and work them in. I always have a pack of cards with me so it is simple to do and allows us to change teams or positions quickly an easily. I hope to have velcro armbands soon to help with this.

This should really help us work as a team while also developing versatility by trying out the various positions wihtin our teams. It should also help us earn some of those nice awards!
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Standard player positions in Scenarios
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