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 2009 Scoring summary

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2009 Scoring summary Empty
PostSubject: 2009 Scoring summary   2009 Scoring summary EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 3:09 pm

Here is the points sheet I used for calculating our points and upload to Mercenary Republic:

2009 Scoring summary Scoreboard

Basically it is based on attendance:
We scored the 4 planned scenario days we had this year at Vimy as Mini-Scenario days
The other 3 game days were regular game days.
The Warpigs Tourney, Stargate Day & SRO3 were scored as a TOurney and 2 Major Scenario days.
All who attended got equal scores for these.
In addition, we were able to give out some medals and ribbons based on attendance at these games and for things like field engineers and a few other specials from scenarios etc..

A link to the Ranking page is here:

Eventually you will link to the Dossier page once ZAck has completed linking our files to the player Dossiers.

You can also see a list of all the available awards on this ranking site, if you feel you qualify for one of these awards, just let me know which one and why? I have to provide a short explaination for the reason it is being given etc..
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2009 Scoring summary
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