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  New Mercenary Republic - Team page is ready! - Please register!

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 New Mercenary Republic - Team page is ready! - Please register! Empty
PostSubject: New Mercenary Republic - Team page is ready! - Please register!    New Mercenary Republic - Team page is ready! - Please register! EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:26 pm

Hi Guys,
The new team page on Mercenary republic is now ready for use.

I need all members to go there and register so I can add you to our team!

Please pop me a PM when you do so I know to add your username to the Dogs of War group on there.

Here is the link:


when you login, use the login on the FORUM page. the 'Merc' login is not working properly apparently.

Thankyou all for registering at the Merc Republic site!

Very impressed how tight our group looks on there!
Feel free to browse their forums as you wish and please watch your ettiquette on the public areas as this is our team's public face.

I know you all will but I feel I need to say it anyway.

The next step over there will be the player dossiers. They are adapting their whole ranking, merits system for use by outlaw fields aswell as for the pay fields which it is now designed for.
Zack (Merc Admin) expects to have it ready in a few weeks and will then send a copy of the "Field Admin - portion of the software so that we can submit our own ranks, merits and awards, honours etc.. for our players. We should be able to then have full control on how this is applied as we would have the same control over the submitted stats as a field operator and our data would be submitted and linked directly to the player dossiers on Merc Admin.

It sounds complicated but it really isnt, for you guys it will be a very easy way to build up a player profile on their. Dont forget, that not only our own games but any games you play at the fields that have this system (Like Tsawassen paintball) will also accru to your dossier!

this allows players to build their dossier independent of which field they play at!

The ranking system is simply based on attendance which is how we have always worked anyway. The more scored games you attend the faster your rank increases. Merits and honours are awarded for things like field engineers similar to what we do aswell but also works in the ability to add things like Medals of valour for 'Superman' plays on the field etc..
All just for fun really, but kinda cool too!

One thing to keep in mind. We will eventually need a Main player picture for each player to send in with the Dossiers, Everyone should choose a picture of themselves in gear, to use for their Dossier cover pic. I will ask for your choices once I need them.

Cheers, should be kinda cool as we have full control, hoping to be able to submit our game scoring for the 2009 season so we all get a bit of a headstart.

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New Mercenary Republic - Team page is ready! - Please register!
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