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 Mercenary Republic Ranking page is up!

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Mercenary Republic Ranking page is up! Empty
PostSubject: Mercenary Republic Ranking page is up!   Mercenary Republic Ranking page is up! EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 8:09 pm

OK, here is an update on scoring.

Now that we have our Mercenary Republic team site underway, we will be adapting our points system to integrate with their system.

We will be receiveing a copy of the software so that we can record and submit our scores to the system and it will auto update our profiles on the Mercenary republic site. Our existing points from this year will be counted towards starting our ranks off. Please note that ranks here are earned thru attendance and awards. you may also earn points towards your rank from playing at other places suck as Tsawassen paintball, Wolverines events, BC Tactical events aswell as ALL our own events and regular game days!.

Please feel free to view our team scoring page. the front page needs content and graphics yet and the team players will be added as soon as I get the software to submit our 2009 scores. However, the full explanation of how the ranking and awards systems work is now in place.

Our ranking page will be set up here: http://dogsofwar.mercenaryrepublic.com/

we can add our own custom awards to the system within the parameters allowed. (have yet to discuss these particulars, but award difficulty must match point value to keep things fair ofcourse).

Players may ask to 'Challenge' any award by providing a description of the event that they feel earns them the award and with atleast 1 other player to corroborate the incident. Submit them to us and we should be able to submit it with the software for you, once that is all inplace.

1 other note: Your player Avatar on the Mercenray Republic is the image that will be used for you player dossier and player pic for the Ranking system. SO I would suggest everyone picks there favorite paintball pic of themselves to display there. If anyone has difficulty getting there avatar picture up, let me know. I can help. Also, if you can not find a picture you are happy with for this, we would be more than happy to take some staged Dossier pics next time we are on the field for you to use!

Looking forward to this guys, easy and cool way to do what we were allready doing and also standardized with these other teams.
Wolverines and BCTactical are also in the process of setting up there own ranking pages similar to ours. the other teams on Mercenary republic are also in the works thru several pay fields that are adopting the system like Tsawwasen paintball. They expect to have the whole system fully operational as of Jan 1st so the 2010 season will be the 1st official season with each team being allowed to bring in there 2009 scores as starting score.

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Mercenary Republic Ranking page is up!
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