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D.O.W. Bulletin:

The Northern expansion

With Bucky & myself moving to the Northwest to open up our northern chapter of the Dogs of War we will need to make some changes to the way things work, to enable both the Vancouver chapter and our new Northern chapter to work well together and in a synchronized manner. Here is our proposed plan on how things will be run:

All web based management will remain the job of Blackdog (Me) & Buckshot to run and will now get enlarged to add a Northern chapter to it. This includes both the Private Dogs of War Team forum that Buckshot manages and the Public & Private Dogs of war team sections at Mercenary Republic which I manage. Although we will manage the sites for both chapters (Van & Northwest) we have set it up so that the Vancouver chapter will be able to manage their own destiny and things within the forums. All local team business should be decided by the local chapter.

Here’s how it works

Mercenary republic should now be used as the Teams official Main site for Public interaction. IE... Send everyone there!

If you want to tell people about the Dogs of War, get them chatting in our public forums on
Mercenary Republic. It is designed to be the Teams window to the public and paintball world. Feel free to add posts and such in the forums there, organize games, invite other players on there to come out. Anyone can join Merc Republic as a free agent, so if you want a place for new guys, who are not yet team members, get them to join there and they can interact with the team, talk about upcoming game dates on there. If you need any help with things on the mercenary republic site, contact me as I will be looking after this side of things. You can recruit to the team there or just to games, whatever. Feel free to organize games at your leisure at Vimy or the Winery or Chilliwack or wherever the team decides to play. Of course, this means you are all in charge of looking after the fields as they will be your fields to use. Just be careful not to piss off the cops and such as per our regular procedures, We’ll leave all that in your capable hands.

Website changes:

We will be soon updating the website to add the Northern Chapter as well as adding some Public areas. By doing this we hope to have a place where non TEAM members can come and check in on the Dogs of war and see what we are doing. We will redesign the Dogs of War forum so that some sections are visible by all and other sections will be private to the North or South Teams as needed. This will somewhat mirror what we have set up over at Merc Republic . We hope that this will allow a good place to get prospective recruits to come check in so each of our teams can add people easier. Also keep in mind that there will several different user levels for the forum that will be set as well , you will notice some colour changes on the memberlist and with your name as all groups are going to be asigned a new colour.Such as Admins =Green and mods will have different colours assigned by area. So you will see some changes to the site and some restructuring going on in the next few days.

For the Southern DOW team we would suggest that Dagwood becomes the new team leader with assistance from all those who wish to assist. If you need to add players, change squad assignments or other Team maintenance on the websites, that is fine, just pop me & Buckshot an email and we can make the appropriate adjustments to the respective sites. You are free to change the squads etc as you see fit and I would suggest you try to form 2 squads minimum to make game days more playable.

We will be posting the scores from 2009 as a good base score for each player in the player dossiers on Merc Republic, this way we don’t have to all start as Newbie’s there. The ranks there are entirely based on attendance so I believe with only about a year to score; we are all between Private – Sergeant range, me and Bucky inclusive. All you guys need to do to have this continue on is to send me the attendance to any games and events you want scored. I suggest Dagwood & Rodman , or whoever is leading games for the day, record who came so we can submit for points on Merc Republic. Their system can be updated whenever I get new points to do so. This way you can all continue to build points on there for everything you do! You can see all the merits, ribbons and badges they offer as well, on their site and if you would like to challenge for any of these, then you need only provide me with details (the story) of events and one corroborating witness from the squad( or other ranked Merc Republic player). I will be more than happy to submit any of these for you as requested. (The rules are Merc Republics, not mine)

Sections of The Dogs of War Team site should remain PRIVATE. This is so you do not have to worry about what you say there and you can discuss team business without the world seeing. If you guys want to add members, feel free to let us know who and we will add them. I suggest you should continue to check out players before making them permanent team members though. We will now be setting up Public sections of the DOW team site, therefore, we will be adding a Recruit membership signup ability with limited sections of the DOW team site available for recruits to view & post. While still keeping the core team sites private to team members only.

Both the D.O.W. site and the Merc Republic will be adapted to the new Northern DOW chapter as well, you will soon see sections for this added to both areas. Just as we had added the Chilliwack section for Rodman, for further expansion in Chilliwack. Let us know if you still feel you need that area, Rodman? We will continue to add resources for all of us to use including Training information (though Merc Republic wrote the book on that topic…literally!) game plans, scenario ideas and we will work online with any of you in helping you to do up special event days.

In short, you guys are now in charge of your own direction, we will provide access to both sites to all the team members as long as you are on the team, and if any should decide to leave the team, you can still maintain your player dossier and points continuation as a free agent on Merc Republic. For that matter, you can score any events you play in, that are held at a Merc Republic ranked site. I believe they have the system at several commercial fields in the lower mainland now. You can have those points submitted either by them or by me, doesn’t matter. By contractual license I am unable to make the submission software available to anyone though I as I am responsible for all submissions using my license number.

A little information about our plans for the Northern chapter. We are looking into opening a Dogs Commercial storefront in Burns Lake, and begin stocking some gear for sale. Provide air fills and Paint sales. We have enough land on Marc’s property for a small field but miles and miles of good forested playing land right behind his property and plan to have our own private, team field as well as lots of Outlaw sites for larger scenarios up here.

We hope to grow a large squad here and network with the other local groups we have found in Smithers, Terrace, Vanderhoof, P.G. & P.R. The plan is to get a league going and Ranked teams all on the Merc Republic up here, as well as down there. Once we have lots of teams we can start getting bigger tournaments and huge scenario days organized. We have been looking at prices to rent a mini bus for a summer trip for the Vancouver Dogs to come north for a weekend event & camp. More info on that to come. I am working very closely with Zack over at Merc Republic, the aim there is to make that into the standard B.C. ranking system for all pay & advanced outlaw fields. All players able to freely move around within the system from team to team or field to field etc...

Please help me promote this site to all paintball players, the more players on their, the better. They can join as free agents or as teams as we have. Zack (MercAdmin at Merc Republic) is a really nice guy and is doing us (Outlaw players) a huge favor with allowing recognized outlaw teams to submit scores to the system. The Pay fields charge money for the service and pay a fee for the software license. We are getting an exemption to promote this system within the outlaw ranks and to gain a following. So please pass the word! Mercenary Sorry for the sales push their at the end but I want you all to realize how much of a deal we are getting with this and how cool this thing is.

I hope you all continue on and have games together as often as possible, both me & Bucky have put a huge amount of work and time into the D.O.W. concepts and we would love to keep it growing alongside the Merc Republic system. We appreciate all the help along the way from everyone who has helped out in many ways. Especially Dagwood & Rodman for always being there with the supplies & support. I would love to see you all work together to make the Dogs a team to be feared & respected on the lower mainland while we work on doing the same up here in the North.

Good luck and Good shooting

Blackdog & Buckshot
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