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 May 15th Engineering day

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May 15th Engineering day Empty
PostSubject: May 15th Engineering day   May 15th Engineering day EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 8:39 pm

We are planning another engineering day for the Decker heights field on Saturday May 15th.

If anyone would like to drop out to give us a hand please contact Buckshot or Blackdog (Me) for directions.

We plan to start around noon and work most of the afternoon on Building blinds & bunkers, clearing trails and such.

We suggest anyone coming to help wear clothes good for working in the woods, including good boots and gloves as we will be dragging around dead trees and branches etc..

Hope to see you there.

Awesome day of field work! Glad to see all you guys out there to help, it was very much appreciated! We will return the favor anytime we can.

Besides myself & Buckshot
Jack and the boys from Bad Company came out and gave a huge effort!
Thanks go out to:

& even one arm Bandit popped up for awhile and hacked a bit too.

Huge amount of cleaning done midfield, bunkers are looking pretty tall and solid now. Trails are starting to get organized. Some very nice bunkers in the clearing now as well as a make shift base for the Nuke.
Tower 1 got reinforced, baling wire on the lookout and the gap bunker.

Still a few days work needed there but we are alot closer now!
Hoping to have a good turnout tomorrow for the first trial run of the field.

Cheers to all
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May 15th Engineering day
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