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 June 27th post game chat

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June 27th post game chat Empty
PostSubject: June 27th post game chat   June 27th post game chat EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 8:53 pm

Another awesome day on the field!

Kwityerbitchen is gettng better and better.
The new trenches and sandbags rock!

9 came out today:

El Paintball Diablo
& Brendan , soon to be known as 'Rift'

great to see another new face ont he field, keep growing the ranks, the more the better.

we Played 6 games today.
1st 2 were attack and defend on the triple fort
Dog company did well but got trounced in both these 2.
2 set of 2 were gaurd the VIP games.
Again, Dog company did well but could not break Bad Companies defenses.
Last 2 games were attack and defend on the far fort.
We changed up squads a bit and were able to pull off 2 wins.

Highlight of the day:
Last game when me and Bandit are almost out of air each and decide to rush El Paintball Diablo.
I kept him busy while Bandit snuck up and got the bayonet kill. Congrats on that one!

Highlight for me was the second last game, racking up kills like christmas!
Got a couple of nice new welts but had a great day!
Thanks for having us out again guys!

Next week, your all invited back here to Hill 313 again.
I have some new scenario ideas we can try out.

Oh yeah. Points have been posted.
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June 27th post game chat
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