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  July 17th - Saturday - Kwityerbitchen field - post game chat

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 July 17th - Saturday - Kwityerbitchen field - post game chat Empty
PostSubject: July 17th - Saturday - Kwityerbitchen field - post game chat    July 17th - Saturday - Kwityerbitchen field - post game chat EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 8:54 pm

As Bandit would put it " This was the Best day Yet!"

And it was!

We drew cards and teams formed as follows:
Red team:

Black team:
Steve P - (form here forward will be known as: Ghillie)
El Pb Diablo

Game # 1: Was a treasure hunt. Red started at Moose fort end and black at the road.
The treasure were in the forms of plates in the central bunker to be retreived to the teams caches at Saw fort & triple fort respectively.
Black team won this one with 3 plates retrieved! Red team only got 2.

Game #2: Sniper Challenge: Red defends & wins by eliminating the enemy Medic & Sniper before the 3 targets could be hit by the sniper.

Game #3: Sniper Challenge: Black defends. Red wins by eliminating all Black players. Tragets were shot out by Me the sniper but i just walked up and shot them as there was no defenders any more.

After this we ran 2 rounds of quick sniper challenges: We set up 3 targets at the end of the clearing and a sniper would have 2 minutes starting in the trench to hit all 3 targets without getting hit first.
while 3 semi stationary defenders tried to hit the sniper. while not approaching in front of the targets.

In the second round, we made it a bit harder by having the sniper crouch down so he couldnt see the defenders setting up their positions, but otherwise the same drill.

Each player got 2 tries to be the sniper, then he moved to the defenders line. 1 defender would then rotate to the line up for sniper. the guy in line behind the current sniper timed the sniper.

I thought they were very inventive ideas and we should use them again.

I know on the first round of the sniper drills I scored all 3 hits but got hit in the trench after the first target hit in the second round.

Id love to know how everyone else did on this part. I can work it nto the scoring.
(As we played 3 team games and 2 rounds of this, I can score 5 games a game day, so ill score the 2 last challenges like games, if everyone tells me if they got the targets O times in there tries, 1 time or 2 times, i will score them up to 2 game wins as if it were a regular game.

For me - 1 succesful attempt out of 2 - so I get 3 wins, Game #2 , game # 3 & 1 succesful attempt on all 3 targets.

If you guys can tel me how you did i can score it that way.

Sorry, i didnt think if this at the time, i would have recorded it at the field if i had.

All in all, some good ideas test driven for next weeks Extreme event.
Ill score this one as a regular game day and next week apply Mini Scenario scoring. more points per game and especially per win.
(Reg game day: attendance = 500 points, game win = 200 points, up to 5 games/day)
(Mini Scenario day: Attendance = 800 points, game win = 600 points, up to 5 games/day)
(must be a planned event, may be more than one day!(5 games/day max.))

I went thru 1000 rounds of paint today, had a blast, got 4 solid kills for the day, beat the sniper challenge once. Wicked man!!!!!

BANDIT: "Hey comrades, GOOD game today, it was evil as evil can get. If this is a prelude to LT's bash, well, things might get pretty crazy. Suspect I would like to congradgulate al the sneaky fukin ninjas of the day. 1st off was Steve A.K.A. Ghillie, doing the super stealth elbow crawl across the red flag zone, even though he was on my team today, I couldnt see him at all advancing on the red team. cheers
And congrats to Blackdog, Staraighteye, Greg and LT on doing the massive bellycrawl infilratrion. Damn you guys crept up fast. Who am I kidding? I had you biatches in my sights the whole damn "time. lol :aslfg: Good game guys.
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July 17th - Saturday - Kwityerbitchen field - post game chat
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