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  LT's Birthday Bash - July 24-25th On Francois lake

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 LT's Birthday Bash - July 24-25th On Francois lake Empty
PostSubject: LT's Birthday Bash - July 24-25th On Francois lake    LT's Birthday Bash - July 24-25th On Francois lake EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 8:57 pm

This was definitly the paintball & party of the summer!

Awesome games and excellent times.

We played 7 game from 11AM Saturday until 7PM saturday. 7-8 hours of playing and then 1 m ore game on Sunday! (not sure if they played any more after I left at 2, sucked having to leave early but what can you do.

Lots of awards were won, lots of paint was flung and a fair assortment of welts came along quickly.
LT's Scenarios came off extremely well and had a solid base storyline that kept the games on theme.
I think the U.N team finished best overall but I will leave the points calculations to LT to determine.

I will, however, look at the points and awards later tonight and will ost them soon.

Cheers guys, so Glad I came out, what a blast. (Man was I loaded last nite!)

Next week is Saturday, July 31st at Hill 313. I will have the scenario plans for this posted by tomorrow! So you can all get a pre-read over...lol


I have 7 nice welts. 2 that drew blood, and a real nice goose egg right on the back of my head. I have a hangover still, and I feel more alive than ever. Damn, this sport is great
And a big thank you to Blackdog for getting me out there and back. (and yes, when you asked if you needed to pull over to let me out, I was close. lol I got over it when we hit the paved road though pale.

=) That was fun LT, next year will be too. Thanks for having us all out. And that piniata was about the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Very Happy"

GHILLIE: "it was a blast thanks all"

LT: "Glad to hear that you had such a great time. Jenny said she had never heard the word fuckn, used so many times, though always slurred and positive. I am also glad to hear that Gillie had a great time despite the three shots to the same ear. Honestly... I stopped recording the points when the UN forces got so far ahead. For me, it just became a matter of getting a couple wins to redeem ourselves... The UN more or less went straight through the campaigne without much for hick ups. I was very pleased though, that all the fights were hard faught. And I definately feel that the birthday was well celebrated. I have just finished feeling hung over, after several afternoon naps, a whole water mellon and over a dozen bottles of water.... I was definately feeling like Jerky Sunday night."
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LT's Birthday Bash - July 24-25th On Francois lake
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