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  BT TM-15

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PostSubject: BT TM-15    BT TM-15 EmptyThu Aug 19, 2010 1:50 pm

Just bought a BT TM-15. I got it second hand at a good price. Alot of adjustments can be made. Trigger pull adjustment, ramping, tournament modes. Pretty sweet...

TM-15 with EZ sling, ergonomic foregrip, M4A1 carstock (from a Tippmann shaft), and Grand Walnut laminate flooring with dirt and dust.

Just picked up a Vlocity Jr. hopper with a Virtue chip for up to 35 balls a second (overkill really...). The camo case, for the hopper, was free with the package deal. Speedball ready if needed. Imagine that! LOL...

 BT TM-15 IMG_6838

Looks similar to my previous setup but the TM-15 setup is not as heavy...

 BT TM-15 IMG_1334

I'm pretty much done modding it. Maybe a lighter bolt and spring kit but there, probably, won't be much performance increase.
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BT TM-15
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