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PostSubject: VL Orion   VL Orion EmptyThu Aug 19, 2010 1:51 pm

Hey I had a guy give me a cheep marker called a VL Orion any one heard of this thing. I took it for my kid so he had something to shoot if he comes out with us. Looks super cheep but it was free and it seems to work. Now I need to give it an OD coat of paint so its not blue and chrome and my son should be good to play next time. I'll post a pic soon...just didn't want to dig out the camera right now.

Check out pbreview.com,i got this off of it,lots of reviews about it,basically for the price not many complaints,good marker for a newbie.

Viewloader introduces the all-new VL ORION semi-automatic paintball marker for 2003. The VL ORION is a tournament grade semi-automatic marker with features that include: a field stripable pin for ease of cleaning and maintenance on and off the field, hi-rise vertical feed port for increased feed rate, volumizer for increased gas efficiency, gas thru fore-grip, an aerospace grade aluminum alloy receiver, a "self-locking" velocity adjustment, 2 panel grip with double finger trigger, laser engraving and a drop forward for increased cylinder clearance and enhanced compact profile.

Key features include:
- Volumizer
- Hi-rise vertical feed port
- Rear cocking bolt
- Gas thru fore grip
- Custom trigger guard with double finger trigger
- Custom drop forward

ya I finnaly got the barrel off. Was stuck on with dirt and old paint but it is able to be taken off now. Gave it a fresh coat of OD so it would not be blue and chrome but I didn't prep the gun first so it will scratch easy. Not a big deal though its just a backup or for the yard ape to use if he wants to come out. Well heres a pic of it green needs more colours maby tan and black.

VL Orion HPIM2794
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VL Orion
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