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 Phenom - My choice on best newer gun to buy (My opinion)

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Phenom - My choice on best newer gun to buy (My opinion) Empty
PostSubject: Phenom - My choice on best newer gun to buy (My opinion)   Phenom - My choice on best newer gun to buy (My opinion) EmptyThu Aug 19, 2010 1:54 pm

OK, as I was feeling a little out of touch on some of the new markers, I have been doing a little bit of nosing around.

I really like the X& phenom and i think this would be my next weapon of choice!
I like how small it is, I like that it has the external hull effect switch and mechanical modes.
Also, I like that it takes the same barrels as the A-5 or X-7. which makes it easier for me as I plan to get Hammerhead barrels for all my Tippmanns.

I would buy the X7 Phenom and the X36 folding stock for this and other than paint it, call it done!
Our price on the X7 Phenom : $330.00 Plus SHipping
Our price on the X36 folding stock: $50.00 Plus shipping

The Phenom:

The X36 folding stock:

WHole package would be $380.00 plus shipping.

"I am going to have to agree with you 100% on this on BD. From what I have seen on this gun if you are a tippy owner allready It seems like a no brainer. Less air and the neumatic single shot saving bat life and being smaller but accepting almost all the old X7 parts if you like. I am thinking if I ever get a new one it will be a phenom."

OK, here is the price:

X7 Phenom: $330.00 CAD + Taxes & Shipping


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Phenom - My choice on best newer gun to buy (My opinion)
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