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PostSubject: BARREL CONDOMS   BARREL CONDOMS EmptyThu Aug 19, 2010 2:14 pm

Barrel Condoms are MANDATORY!

ALL players must use them in all mask off areas!
NO EXCEPTIONS, if you do not have a barrell condom, ask me, I have them for sale at cost!

There are many reasons for this:

1st and foremost: The active players have voted in favor of this. And it is there safety that is most concerned here.

2nd: If we want to grow as a group and play other teams and groups we must adopt the same safety standards as them. Me and Bucky have discussed this in the past and the point has been made that once we started to do this it would become necessary. As we always talk about running drills to train ourselves into the right habits, I feel this is a very important habit we should also train ourselves into, so when we go out to other fields no one forgets their barrel condoms and embarrasses the team or worse yet, someone gets injured.

3rd: For newer players it is important for them to feel safe in the MASH area. Although some of us may KNOW our weapons are safe without the air connected, it would be best if any player could look around and see barrel condoms on the markers to re-assure them that all the other players are following safe practices and thus it is safe for them to take off their masks.

4th: The policy must be the same across the board. We can hardly expect new players to use barrel covers if we do not set the example ourselves!

5th: Not all guns are safe with the air source removed! Any marker with an expansion chamber will still be able to fire several high velocity shots after the tank has been removed! this was not an issue for the air users as we dont use expansion chambers but there are currently several expansion chambers in use on the field. If you dont believe me on this, ask me for a demonstration with the Spyder shutter that is the most used of the loaner guns i have!

6th: Reputation, We want to grow as a group as I have mentioned and to do this we must protect our reputation. What happens if we go to a field were we feel the safety standards are not up to par? How can we complain about their safety when we ourselves have some safety issues within our own club?

7th: We will lose players if we do not grow and adopt this policy! It has happened before when a group has decided not to come and play with us for this exact reason. AT that time it was decided that we were to become a private group of players that all agreed we did not want the policy. This is no longer the case and we are avidly trying to recruit new players. If we do not adopt the policy we will probably have problems recruiting new players and keeping the player we have recruited.

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