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 Scenario: POW Camps

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Scenario:      POW Camps Empty
PostSubject: Scenario: POW Camps   Scenario:      POW Camps EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 4:09 pm


Place 4 flag poles scattered around the field and at the base of each flag pole there are 2 flags. One for each team.

Each team starts at it's starting base and must capture(Raise) all the flags to win.

Each capturable flag station is also a regen station. If you own a flag station then your players may regenerate new lives their by taggin the flag.

However, Each flag station is also a POW camp for the team that owns it. If you go to a flag station to regen and the opponents have their flag raised, you must stay there until rescued! You may, however, call out to teammates that you need to be rescued!

Any player shot must go to the nearest flag station. If the opponents flag is flying they must wait until a teammate comes and changes the flag to their own thus automatically Regen'ing all POW's at that location! And Capturing another POW site. the first team to get all the flags wins or to loose all it's players (They are all POW's, nobody to rescue them) looses!

Regens: Unlimited
4 capturable Flag positions
Time limit: 45 minutes
ways to win:
1/ All enemy players are captured
2/ All flags positions are captured and held
3/ Most flags owned at end of time limit
4/ If even # flags owned at end then most players still alive

Teams will end up going around the field trying to capture flag positions and rescuing players.

If you are killed you must proceed back to the NEAREST flag position to be rescued or regenerated. If you show up at the flag position and it is allready your flag flying then you must tag the flag to regenerate. There will be a marked 'NO FIRE' perimeter around each Flag base, you must not fire at players in this area or fire from this area. If you are shot while in this area, it does not count. Yell out: " STOP SHOOTING IM IN THE SAFE ZONE"
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Scenario: POW Camps
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